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Staff Spotlight ~ Alex Scott

Updated: May 3, 2022

Before we talk to clients about investing, taxes, or anything related to financial planning, we ask them to help us understand their concept of a meaningful life. It’s an unusual journey that some have not intentionally taken but invariably contributes significantly to the conversation about wealth supporting the process of living as opposed to living supporting the financial process. To be an authentic guide, we need to have charted that introspective journey ourselves. By way of example, what follows is a thumbnail version of activities that channels my desire for personal challenge, relationships, and experiencing nature into more than my business that helps me find that meaningful balance.

I’ve loved sailing for as long as I can remember. The force behind weather and waves can be intimidating but so far, I’ve harnessed it respectfully. The picture above was one of those moments out on a brisk fall day. The boat was sturdy and rigged for the conditions. Some good friends and I spent the day recharging our souls.

Unfortunately, I don’t have these rip-roaring events often enough. Fortunately, I am equally satisfied with a more sedate setting.

Camera in hand, very early in the morning on Smith Mountain Lake in southwest Virginia. I didn’t want to make a sound to disturb the quiet of the lake as the light and mist continually changed only to be truly appreciated by having all my senses present.

My wife kids me about the way I change around the water. I admit there is something there. My wish is to relate to my 7 grandchildren how I tap into and appreciate the energy from the beauty all around us and help them wonder why it’s there.

Meanwhile, I have a stubborn side that won’t give up wanting to run a Marathon. There is a physical therapist out there that loves my goal given the number of injuries I’ve sustained. Until they strap me down, I’ll keep trying.

Finally, a shameless imitation of the Rodin sculpture or the 1945 Times Square version featuring my better half without whom my adventures through life would have much less meaning.

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